Benefits of Mangalore Tile Roofings

Energy Insulation

Since they are made of clay, Mangalore tiles help to regulate the flow of electrical energy within a building. In the event of sudden electrical surges, they are especially useful in cushioning the expected effects on the building. They also help to save costs that would otherwise be expended on energy usage, as by their insulation capacity, they keep energy consumption within check.

Eco Friendly

Due to the material they are made of, they have very little or no negative effect on the environment and pose no threat to the normal flow of ecological activities within the environment.


Mangalore tiles are relatively cheap to produce (as their major raw material can be found in most coastal societies and do not require any serious chemical processing) which means their purchase price is also low when compared to other roofing materials.

Also, Mangalore tiles offer your money’s worth: they are as durable as can last a century and more which means you do not have to replace them anytime soon.

Fire Resistant

They are not combustible and hence offer good protection for buildings in the event of fire accidents. They are also excellent choices in the roofing of places like kilns and refiner houses where fire is mostly in constant use and that at extremely high temperatures.

Temperature Regulation

Mangalore tiles also help to mitigate the effect of extreme rise or fall in temperature in a building. They are usually fired at around 42°C to 47°C which means they can absorb high degrees of heat and cold alike. This helps to maintain healthy room temperature within the building and also reduce the effect of activities within the building that require intense temperature levels on the outward environment.