Designing roof tiles are mainly to keep out of rain, and they are locally available materials which are traditionally made such as terracotta or slate. Concrete and Plastic that are modern materials are used and some clay tiles are having a waterproof glaze.

The roof tiles suitability depends on different factors like the price of the roof tile, pattern of the roof tile and color of the roof tile, geographical location. When it comes to the price of roof tile, there are a wide range of roof tiles with different prices. Whatever may be the price, the roof tile quality is best.


We also consider the architectural pattern of the roof. There are different roof patterns that will depend upon the style of the house. It may belong to any one of them modern, contemporary or traditional respectively. We always choose the suitable and good looking roof tile for the houses. We also consider the easy way of installing roof tiles.

Climatic condition and geographical location of the area play a vital role in construction and roofs of the houses. Keeping in mind of soil erosion the houses in hilly areas are built in such a way that they won’t be easily affected by soil erosion. In the same way, in cold areas the houses are built in a way ability to withstand cold in that area. Some areas are tending to get rain heavily, while some areas are tend to get sunlight more. Same way, selecting the roof tiles also makes such differences. Selecting a brand you will definitely find a suitable one in consideration with the geographical area.

The company which delivers roof tile brand should be an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for supplier of ceramic roof tiles in Kerala. They must have an experience of more than three decades in the field of good quality ceramic and clay products. Each and every product supplied by the company must have roofing which is 100% natural. It must meet the world class technology where people looking for best quality roof tiles for their roofs are a perfect option. There are best suited roof tiles with the company for the people interior and exterior requirements in construction.


Every roof tiles from the company are manufactured with pure white clay and it has premium quality. The strength of pure white clay is extra strong, light in weight and it also have an extra thermal insulation capacity as compared to other roof tile brands. In spite of these properties, the company roof tiles must be anti-fungal, so that it prevents accumulation of fungus on the roof tiles, which may reduce the durability on the roof as the time passes. The roof tiles must also meet the international standards for their quality and it must be created under latest improved technologies with pure raw materials.

The availability of the roof tiles are in various colors and shapes and its other advantage of the company roof tiles. The roof tiles are made available in different blended colors. Some of them are imported roof tiles. Each kind has its own properties of roof tiles.

Since there are wide varieties of roof tiles there must be wide variety to select the one suitable for the roof top from the company roof tiles. You can also even add it into your personal favorites. Though the ceramic roof tiles portray the good qualities of the traditional roof tiles and it can also be improved with modern technologies.

The company roof tiles may undergo with different quality tests before leaving the construction. Each roof tile piece is made sure of its quality. Along with the roof tiles the company team must offer you suggestions on how the roof tiles will add beauty to your roof, about the quality, protection and comfort for your home. The company roof tiles are eco-friendly and henceforth it does not leave back any pollutants during their manufacturing.

The company roof tiles must prove the quality and strength in the heavy rain fall areas of Kerala. They tend to very less damages or no damages at all. They have high durability and are available at reasonable prices. This makes the roof tiles to be widely accepted for its quality and became one of the favorite roof tile brands of people throughout Kerala. Company roof tiles, such as ceramic roof tiles, terracotta roof tiles, and roofing shingles, have a protective coating on them.

This additional coating would make it safer against all the environmental conditions on the roof tiles. The sparkling portion of the tiles on the roof is also well preserved. These roof tiles are certainly going to look lovely on your roof. They are anti-fungal and are not likely to catch algae or fungi. Thus, even after several years, the charm of roof tiles is retained. As they're not going to match it will be a pocket-friendly choice because they will not need much maintenance and they are highly durable. All these roof tile characteristics made it more popular and it became the best roof tiles.